BERLIN IMPROVISIONS festivals will provide unique opportunities to record and distribute the events.


Other projects like a CD-Book is being prepared where improvised music and singing accompanies a tale for all ages.


Outdoor & indoor improvisional dance films will further enhance our musical recordings and events.



Recordings to be released in spring 2019:


Berlin Improvisions - double CD recorded & performed in April 2017 by Samson Marzbani Ensemble

Berlin Variations - Direct to Disc Vinyl recorded by Samson Marzbani Ensemble in April 2017

Berlin Preludes - solo piano improvisions by Samson Marzbani recorded in April 2018

There & Always recorded and performed in April 2018 by Samson Marzbani Ensemble

Seed of a Tree - CD/book of musical tale 

Un Jour Infini - Improvisional music transcribed for flute & string trio by Samson Marzbani

Transcultural Invocations - recorded and performed in April 2014 by Samson Marzbani Ensemble

Espace Temps - solo piano improvisions by Samson Marzbani recorded in Paris in March 1989