First WIA TV live streaming event from Berlin




Seasonal Festivals around the world!

Starting autumn 2019, from 14-17th of November, the Berlin IMPROVisions festivals will add a new dimension to  the cultural landscape of Berlin. In Winters as of 2020, the Transcultural Improvision Festivals will take place in major cities around the world. The other cities than Berlin where the festivals shall take place as of 2020 are currently being considered.


During 4 days, transcultural improvisional artists will perform a genuine diversity of performances. Conferences & films  will further provide opportunity for audiences to explore this universal musical expression. A yearly Berlin Improvisions Awards event will celebrate the works of amateur world improvisers. During the festival periods and beyond, workshops & Master Classes will be proposed for performers of all levels. 



World Improvisional Music Day

3rd Sundays of November starting 18th November 2018


Berlin Improvisions is taking the initiative of launching this first Improvisional Music Day to set a landmark of events from noon to midnight in Berlin. Musicians and dancers of all nations are invited to join and share their improvisions via social media as well as BI's WebTV.


We are organising this first WIMDD in the Meistersaall at Potsdamer Platz with the the capacity of over 250 spectators. This hall provides the genuine advantage of being technologically connected to the Emil Berliner Studios one floor below! The highest quality sound and video recording will thus result from the 8 concerts previewed during the day.


Samson Marzbani Ensemble's improvisional concert in Berlin

Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin, 21 June 2018

Samson Marzbani, piano - Odile Bruckert, flute & vocals - Corinna Ruba, sopranoHermann Pigeon, world percussions  - Jakob Roters, cello - Christine Gabler, vocals - Johann Müller, cello

Berlin Variations

First improvisional music vinyl

Direct to Disc recording

Produced by Berliner Meister Schallplatten

Recorded at Emil Berliner Studios by Rainer Maillard on 4th April 2018

International distribution in Autumn 2018


1st Improvisional Score



A score fully based on piano improvisions

by Samson Marzbani


Wissam Boustany, flute

String Trio members of Brodsky Quartet

Recorded at Air Studio London in 2012

Produced by Chris Alder